Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, is Back with a Lifetime Nemesis in “Arrow” Series

Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, is back with a lifetime nemesis presumably in the person of Malcolm Merlyn played by the handsome John Barrowman.

The last episode has shown Malcolm Merlyn ‘dead’ but spoilers point otherwise. This was revealed during the Comic Con 2103 in San Diego. How would he come to life? “Arrow” fans would soon find out.

Oliver Queen played by the sinewy, handsome Stephen Amell, who was perfect for the arrow-shooting hero. Amell was a perfect hit for the part. It is just like the part was made for him. The plot has not stuck, exactly, to the original script of the DC comic’s Green Arrow reportedly.

Oliver Queen

The series, however, was well received by fans all over the world, including Asia, where Oliver Queen and his side kick, Diggle, are popular. Diggle is played by David Ramsey.

What makes the story more interesting is the flashback that is developed together with the present time plot. Fans find the flashback story of Oliver Queen, even more compelling and interesting. What happened in the island that changed the spoiled brat The Hood?

The present time events in Oliver Queen’s life incite curiosity from the fans. The involvement of Oliver’s mother with the villain is another interesting as well.

Avid fans are looking forward to the next season. It would surely be another blast for them.

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