Nora Aunor Should Take Care of Her Health, and Focus on Her Showbiz Career

MANILA, PhilippinesNora Aunor had a significant come back to the entertainment industry with her film, “Thy Womb.” Although, the film was not a blockbuster like her previous films, it has reaped various international awards, reaffirming that her acting talent is one of the best in the country, and in the world.

Nora Aunor has to focus on her showbiz career, though, and take into consideration her health. Reportedly, she was brought to the Cardinal Santos Medical Center for confinement. To date, she has already been discharged.

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Guy’s vocal cord has been operated on also, when she was in the U.S. Fans are hoping that the superstar would quit whatever habits she has that damage her health and destroy her Golden Voice. Her voice is so unique, and magical that it remains unmatched even by younger singers. The legendary Nora Aunor will always be the one and only superstar of Philippine cinema.

Nora Aunor plans to help Tawi-Tawi build its Primary Health Care Center. She had shot the award-winning film, “They Womb”, in that small island.

Currently, the superstar acts as the mother of Vin Abrenica in the series, “Never Say Goodbye.” She is paired with the versatile actor, Cesar Montano, actress Sunshine Cruz’s dashing husband. It was during the shooting of this new drama series that she got sick because of the cold temperature in Baguio City, north of Manila.

She had revealed previously that she plans to hold a major concert, do more TV series, and record a new album. Hopefully, she would stay healthy so she could still fulfill all the projects that are waiting for her.

Nora Aunor’s fans are elated that she has various offers, and they hope that she would be more careful and look after her health, so she could stay fit and healthy to fulfill all of her plans.  To her million of die-hard fans, the superstar is still going strong.

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