Nigel Lythgoe Says Top 3 American Idol 2012 Performance Show Would Feature Some Very Interesting Choices

Top 3 American Idol Finalists
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Nigel Lythgoe said in his Twitter account, @dizzyfeet, that the Top 3 American Idol 2012 Performance Show would feature some “very interesting choices” for the remaining Top 3 contestants. This indicates that the May 16 American Idol episode would be a blast, a truly musical extravaganza that idol fans would enjoy.

The excitement happens as the Top 3 American Idol hopefuls give their best performances to avoid elimination from the show. There are 3 themes for May 16; the Contestant’s Choice, the Judges’ Choice, and Jimmy Iovine’s Choice.

The staggering 70 million votes that came in last May 9 had demonstrated that the show’s reach has broadened. Not only does the American Idol fever exist in America, it has also viewers now in Africa, Japan, India, Europe, Korea, and many more countries that have never bothered to watch American Idol before. To whom would this significant change be credited to?

Everyone is thrilled to watch the “Singing Battle Royale” between the Top 3 talented singers.

Here are some song suggestions for Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Phillip Phillips. The Top 2 prediction is out, but at this stage of the competition, anything can happen.

No matter who wins however, the Top 3 are already ensured of a promising singing career in the days to come. Who would be voted off on May 17? Who would be the remaining Top 2 American Idol hopefuls?

Join the international community as everyone waits with bated breath who would emerge as the American Idol winner for season 11.

Top 3 Song Spoiler on May 16

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