Nicki Minaj to Bryant Tadeo: “We’re Sending You Home,” and “I’m Kidding,” only on American Idol

Apparently, Nicki Minaj gave Bryant Tadeo a scare during the Hollywood auditions because of how she broke the news to Bryant about his audition results.

This was how the conversation took place between Nicki Minaj and Bryant Tadeo.


“Bryant, hi, how are you? How’ve you been doing today?”


”Stressed out.”


“Stressing? Have you been staying up?”


“Yeah, I’m tired.”


“Tired? Well, it’s good that you’re tired, because we’re sending you home, so you got a lot of time to sleep at home.”


Bryant Tadeo American Idol
Bryant Tadeo, Image credit: American Idol

Bryant Tadeo was speechless and was shocked, but before he could reply to Nicki Minaj’s statement, Nicki added:

“I’m kidding. You’re through.”

She then advised him:

“This is the rule: You never say you’re tired.”

Bryant Tadeo is of Filipino descent, and one of the three Fil-Am American Idol contestants that include Adriana Latonio and Bridget “Jett” Hermano.  The three are reportedly included in the Top 40 American Idol contestants for Season 12.

Good luck to the Filipino-American American Idol contestants this 2013.

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