Nicki Minaj Featured on Elle Magazine; “High School” ft. Lil Wayne Now on iTunes

American Idol Season 12 Judge, Nicki Minaj, is featured on Elle Magazine, one of UK’s top magazines. Nicki tweeted on April 8 from her official Twitter account @NICKIMINAJ

“Barbz make sure to get your copy of Elle Magazine before they’re gone never to return again. Take a pic so I know it’s real: p”

Nicki Minaj on Elle twitter
She has more than 16 million followers on Twitter, and her fans from all over the world responded to her shout-out, taking picture of themselves holding the Elle.

Nicki Minaj on Elle, Image credit: Elle

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj’s ‘song’  “High School” featuring Lil Wayne is now available on iTunes, and has 8,667,798 hits on YouTube, in less than a week; it was uploaded April 2. It is also the No. 1 most viewed video on VEVO. It is released by Cash Money Records, Inc.

Nicki continues to be loved and hated as an American Idol judge, depending on what side you are on. Her perceived “rivalry” with co-American Idol judge, Mariah Carey, has not been evident in the last couple of episodes as the contestants continue to be whittled down to the last man.

No matter how detractors think about her, she has a good heart too as evidenced by her tweet:

“Today is a great day to give. Helping others will actually expedite your own blessings.”

Her Pink Friday Fragrance has been nominated for 3 FIFI awards:




American Idol is now in its last episodes as the Top 6 contestants would have another contestant eliminated on Thursday, April 11, 2013. The judges did not use their ‘save’ on Burnell Taylor last week, and many were shocked that they let him go. He was one of those unique voices in the competition.

Nicki Minaj continues to add feathers to her cap as her career pummels forward with incredible speed and decisiveness.

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