MMFF: “Sisterakas” Leads Box Office But International Movie Pundits Laud “Thy Womb”, Predictions for Winners on MMFF Awards Night (Video)

MANILA, Philippines – In the Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFFSisterakas” has lorded it over among the other entries in the MMFF with regards to Box Office returns.

“Thy Womb”, however, is still the film to beat in terms of acting and direction. International movie pundits lauded “Thy Womb” and awarded the Philippines’ Superstar, Nora Aunor, Best Actress in many award-giving events. Filipino fans though preferred other entries.

According to official MMFF results, on the first day of showing “Sisterakas” came first with P39.1 million, followed by “Si Enteng, Si Agimat, at Si Ako” with P 29.4 million. “One More Try” came in third with P13.1 million, and “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” in fourth place.

Sisterakas‘ actress, Kris Aquino, tweeted that they have set a record:

@krisaquino214 :

“We set a record! Highest single day earnings for any Philippine film in history! 40.7 million.”

Daniel Padilla’s presence in “Sisterakas” has added box office attraction to moviegoers. The young “Crush ng Bayan” teen actor has been the subject of numerous searches on Google and Yahoo. Everywhere he goes, he is mobbed. His on screen partner Kathryn Bernardo elicits the same response from fans.

daniel padilla Twitter
Daniel Padilla, Twitter

For the complete list of the entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival, you can read it HERE.

The MMFF Awards Night would be on Thursday, December 27, 2012, at 9 p.m. and will be aired on TV 5.

Some predictions for the winners are: READ ACTUAL WINNERS HERE.

Best ActressNora Aunor or Angel Locsin

Best ActorBembol Roco or Jaime Fabregas

Best DirectorBrillante Mendoza

Best Story – “El Presidente” or Thy Womb

Watch the MMFF Awards Night 2012 tonight at 9 p.m. on TV 5 to check if any of these predictions would come true.

Below is the YouTube video – courtesy of arthur of the child jesus – of the comments of international critics about Nora Aunor‘s performnce in “Thy Womb.”

Thy Womb,” Nora Aunor

Video credit: arthur of the child jesus/YouTube

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