Members of the Lucky Girls’ Group on X Factor Philippines

The Lucky Girls group on X Factor Philippines has been formed by the judges to retain some of the good singers in the female category, last July 22, 2012.

The X Factor Philippines Lucky Girls group is composed of 6 girls namely: Ashley Campbell, Katrina Velarde, Monique Lualhati, Alyssa Quijano, Jhelsea Maine Flores, and Auriette Divina.

The Top 20 X Factor contestants were selected from 172, then 68 contestants, who had battled it out against thousands of singers all over the country.

The list of the Top 20 X Factor Philippines Contestants can be read HERE.

The next level involves the mentoring of the judges of the specific group assigned to them. Afterwards, 3 contestants from each group would be selected to proceed to the X Factor Philippines Live Show.

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