Meet the Royal Baby, How Glee Would Go On without Cory Monteith, and Harry Potter’s Birthday

The net is abuzz with the appearance of the Royal Baby, how Glee could go on without Cory Monteith, and the birthday of Harry Potter this July 23.

Reportedly, the Royal Baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton had his first public appearance as the couple came out of St. Mary’s Hospital to meet the press. The media greeted the beaming couple, who were dressed in simple blue outfits.

They posed and answered some questions from the press, as the proud father clutched his son in his arms, and the mother smiled happily. The 8 lb. and 6 oz. Royal Baby has still to be named. The Duchess gave birth last Monday, July 22, 2013.

Kate Middleton Prince William and Royal Baby
Kate Middleton, Prince William and The Royal Baby

On the sad part of the news, Glee’s cast is now re-grouping and planning on how to go on with the show after the death of their male lead star, Cory Monteith. Reportedly, the cast will air three episodes for the Fifth Season on September 26. Afterwards, there would be a hiatus so the cast could re-group.

The death of 31-year old Monteith was a shock to everyone, including celebrities, because he was expected to be well on his way to recovery from his addiction. His reel and real girlfriend, Lea Michele, has previously requested privacy after Cory’s demise and still has not come out publicly. Apparently, she is holding up well, and so are the members of the cast of Glee.


Cory Monteith in Glee


On a happy note, Daniel Radcliffe’s 24 birthday on July 23 reminds fans of the years that Daniel had spent playing the most famous wizard in history, Harry Potter. The Harry Potter franchise has witnessed the growth of Daniel from being a precocious boy into a brave young man. He will always be remembered as “The Boy Who Lived,” in spite of his recent roles that have nothing to do with magic.

Harry Potter

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