Marian Rivera vs. Ai-ai de las Alas in “Kung Fu Divas”; Official Trailer Released

The trailer of “Kung Fu Divas” a film starring Marian Rivera and Ai-ai de las Alas has been released last Thursday, July 25, 2013, and there are already 381, 701 hits, to date. It is predicted to do good in the Box Office.

The comedy-action movie would surely be a treat for fans who would like just to relax and enjoy a movie. The movie is a joint production of Star Cinema, the O & Co. Picture Factory Inc., and Reality Entertainment. It is directed by Onat Diaz.


ai-ai-marian-kung-fu divas
Marian Rivera and Ai-ai de las Alas in “Kung Fu Divas”, Image credit: Star Cinema


“Kung Fu Divas” shows Ai-ai and Marian performing stunts, which they have never done before. Their team-up is something avid fans have been waiting for.

Marian Rivera has been an excellent comedienne, although, she is the perfect leading lady for romance movies. Ai-ai de las Alas, on the other hand, is a certified comedienne.

Kung Fu Divas” would premiere on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

Watch the trailer below, courtesy of “Kung Fu Divas.”

”Kung Fu Divas” Official Trailer

Video credit: Kung Fu Divas /YouTube

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