Last Song Sang by Colton Dixon at the American Idol 2012 Stage: “Everything” by Lifehouse (Video)

The last song sang by Colton Dixon at the American Idol 2012 stage was “Everything” by Lifehouse. He was kneeling down when he started singing the song and the audience apparently felt his emotions as some of the American Idol contestants got teary-eyed. He was dedicating the song to God.

There were shocked reactions from everyone.

Colton had also a curtain call at American Idol with some of his last words for his fans.

Here is the YouTube video of Colton Dixon, singing his last song “Everything” on the American Idol stage, after being eliminated and voted off during the Top 7 AI Results show.

Colton Dixon singing “Everything” after his elimination

Video Credit: jet jowem Aparente /

The second YouTube video is of the same song performed at Crossroads Church in Corona, California.

Colton Dixon’s career has just started and the American Idol judges had expressed how they supported him with his dream of having a successful recording of his own songs eventually.

Colton Dixon singing “Everything”

Video Credit: ColtonDixonMusic /

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