Kris Allen, American Idol Season 8’s Champion, Picks Jessica Sanchez as the Best Singer of Season 11

Kris Allen, American Idol Season 8’s Champion, says he picks <strong>Jessica Sanchez as the best singer of American Idol 2012 Season 11, and even goes farther to include all the other seasons. This was disclosed by Ryan Seacrest’s website, April 25, 2012.

Kris Allen won against runner-up Adam Lambert in American Idol season 8. Reportedly, some of the American Idol winners had picked Jessica Sanchez as well. He will be watching the Top 6 AI 2012 sing their Queen songs.

Listen to Kris Allen’s short interview with Ryan Seacrest, the 2012 American Idol’s vibrant and excellent host.

Kris Allen on Jessica Sanchez

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