Kris Allen: American Idol Season 8 Winner’s Impromptu Show Stopped by Police (Videos)

Kris Allen’s impromptu show was interrupted by a Santa Monica pier police, as disclosed by Yahoo Music blogs, April 30, 2012.

Kris Allen is American Idol Season 8’s winner. He has a new CD coming out on May 22, 2012, entitled: “Thank You Camellia” and has recently guested at the American Idol season 11 show.

Reportedly, Kris mentioned at Twitter that he just wanted to “play some tunes” and enjoy the music with his fans. It was not previously planned as Kris aptly said, according to the report:

“…You…me…couple tunes…ocean breeze…birds pooping on us. It’s gonna be great.”

This is to promote his new CD, Thank You Camellia. Kris sang songs like “Better Than You,” and “Live Like We’re Dying” making the growing crowd happy. This attracted however, a police officer, who reportedly stopped him because the show does not have a permit.

Further reports stated that #freekrisallen” became a trending topic in Twitter as fans expressed their support for Kris Allen.

His mother joined in the crusade with this tweet:

“Dear Pier Cops Don’t make me come over there! #RathofMom #freekrisallen”

Luckily, there were no arrests and Kris Allen later twitted and thanked his fans, saying he had a good time.

Below are the YouTube videos showing some of the scenes of Kris Allen’s impromptu show.

Kris Allen’s Impromptu Show

Video Credit: sdshellybean/YouTube

Cop interrupts Kris Allen

Video Credit: SnapCracklyPop/YouTube

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