Kathniel, A Love team that Would Last ‘Forever’?

MANILA, Philippines – Would Kathniel, the love team of Phenomenal Star, Daniel Padilla and charming teen star, Kathryn Bernardo, last ‘forever’? This is a question that has an affirmative answer from Kathniel fanatics, who believe that the relationship between their idols could conquer the intrigues and problems that the showbiz world would assail them with.

Apparently, Daniel Padilla has come a long way, from the lanky, ordinary teen star that he was before. He had a slew of achievements in his singing and movie career that could not be ignored. He had a highly successful birthday concert last April 30 at the big dome with none other than international rock star, Arnel Pineda, as one of his guests; albums that are now selling like hotcakes; and movies that are certified box-office hits. He had a phenomenal rise in the entertainment industry and deserves the tag- “Phenomenal Star.”

daniel padilla kathryn bernardo
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, Image credit: Segrid Yan

With all the challenges that would surely come their way, only the Kathniel fans could ensure that the love team of these two stars would last forever because showbiz love teams are made by fans.

Love teams such as the “”Richard and Dawn”, “Guy and Pip”, “Vi and Bot”, and “Sarah and Lloyd” remained for as long as loyal fans were there to support them. So, would it also be for Kathniel.

An exciting development to watch is whether or not the two stars would have a real and reel relationship, in the long run. There is no need to hurry, though, as their priority should first be on their careers.

So, Kathniel fans, it is all up to you if this love team would last forever.

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