Johnny Keyser, Back on American Idol Season 12

Johnny Keyser, a previous American Idol contestant during Season 11 is back on American Idol Season 12 as part of the reported Top 40 contestants.

Johnny has reached the Las Vegas rounds last season, and hopefully for Season 12, he would make it to the live shows. He was one of the favorites of Judge Jennifer Lopez during auditions in Season 11. Jennifer said he was going to be a star.

Johnny Keyser
Johnny Keyser

This season, perhaps, Jennifer Lopez’s prediction of Johnny Keyser would finally come true because it’s a pity that such talented person could not be recognized for his exceptional and unique voice. He also plays the guitar and the piano.

Phillip Phillips eventually won American Idol’s Season 11 contest. Let’s wait and see if Johnny Keyser could duplicate Phillips’ achievement.

Below is Johnny Keyser’s first music video, “Early Morning Rain,” uploaded by Johnny Keyser, himself.

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