Jessica Sanchez’s Album, “Me, You & the Music”, at No. 9 in Top 100 on iTunes; She Performs “Right To Fall” Live on YouTube Space

Jessica Sanchez’s album, “Me, You & the Music”, is at No. 9 in the Top 100 on iTunes. The Season 11 American Idol runner-up has performed live on YouTube Space to promote his album. Last April 29, 2013, she performed “Right to Fall.”

Jessica’sMe, You & the Music” was just released last April 30, 2013, and the sales on iTunes is apparently brisk, granting that many fans of Jessica are residing abroad, who don’t have easy accessibility to online purchases because of the complexity of their own country’s online banking.

Jessica Sanchez-album-iTunes
Jessica Sanchez album, Image credit:

Jessica Sanchez also has guested on Glee as Frida Romero, which would be aired this May. Reportedly, she enjoyed playing her role, in spite of the last minute occurrences.

Meanwhile, BluJays are gushing with excitement as Jessica continues to perform live during scheduled dates on YouTube Space for her fans. Not all singers could perform live as flawlessly as the 17-year old does.

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