Jessica Sanchez Updates: New Song, “Heart”, is Awesome

Jessica Sanchez UpdatesJessica’s new song, “Heart”, is awesome. Already, fans are thrilled to have the song in their Ipods/Ipads.

Heart” was uploaded on YouTube by Faithfully Jess on March 1, 2013. “Heart” is written by David Choi.

Jessica Sanchez just came from a SRO concert in Manila, Philippines where she wowed the audience. She performed with Colton Dixon, Ariel Sprague and Blair Perkins.

Jessica Sanchez, Image credit: American Idol

Jessica had also taken acting lessons in preparation for the popular music-drama series “Glee,” in which she will be appearing as guest.

Jessica Sanchez’s new songs would surely rock the world of her fans worldwide. Perhaps, she can grab a Grammy Award in the process and sell a million records. This would all depend on the support of her fans.

Listen to “Heart” on YouTube.

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