Jessica Sanchez Sings a Tagalog Song “Ikaw,” Reminiscing the Past

It’s good to look back and reminisce the good old days when American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, was just starting her career. It’s no secret that Jessica is of Filipino descent, but she has yet to sing a Filipino song.

Unknown to some of her fans, Jessica Sanchez has recorded a Tagalog song when she was still unknown and singing in front of boxes in her home.

Jessica Sanchez by Claude
Jessica Sanchez, Image credit: Claude Dee

She sang the song so beautifully, and uploaded it on YouTube.

The song, “Ikaw,” has been popularized by Filipino singer Regine Velasquez, who is considered an A-1 singer in the Philippines.

At that age, 14 or 15, Jessica sang as well as Regine, or even better. What a powerhouse Jessica is. Even then, she could have easily given Regine Velasquez a run for her money.

As of now, Jessica Sanchez would have released her first album, and already, fans are excited to hear her songs. Hopefully, they would buy her album, because her Grand Finale song was not so successful like American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ coronation song “Home,” which made it to Top 1 on iTunes.

Home” is so popular; it became a certified double platinum record, selling more than 2 million copies. The achievement of Phillips is unprecedented for any American Idol winner.

Jessica Sanchez showed her class and sportsmanship when she acknowledged Phillips’ win, saying he deserved it because he worked the hardest during the competition.

She had been very successful too after the season, with product endorsements (Jollibee, Smart, and Bench) and a scheduled stint on “Glee.” Fans had previously thought she would be on “Miss Saigon.” She is perfect for the part that up to this day, her name and Miss Saigon trends every now and then on Twitter.

Jessica Sanchez’s Blujays should not only cheer in the sidelines, but should also buy her songs, so that their idol’s album would debut at the Top 10 on Music Charts this 2013.

Below is the YouTube video of the young Jessica Sanchez singing the Tagalog song, “Ikaw.”

Jessica Sanchez singing “Ikaw”

Video credit: Teiku05 /YouTube

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