Jessica Sanchez: Miss Saigon or Glee? What Would be Best for Her Career?

American Idol season 11’s runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, has been officially included in “Glee the American musical-drama TV series. But she is also being considered reportedly by producer Cameron Mackintosh as one of the frontrunners for the role of Kim.

Kim is the leading character in the internationally acclaimed musical-drama play, Miss Saigon. Reportedly, the other singers being considered are Charice and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez, Image credit: American Idol

What would be best for the 17 year old Filipina-American singing sensation?

In “Miss Saigon

Jessica Sanchez’s vocal prowess would, undoubtedly, be honed because of the rigorous performance required by the play.

Jessica would have to concentrate on the play, because the scenes could not be taped.

Jessica may not be able to perform in concerts out of London.

She could win the Tony’s (just like Lea Salonga) and be recognized for her acting talent, and this would increase her chances of  debuting in films.

In “Glee

Jessica Sanchez would, definitely, shine above the rest of the stars, and demonstrate her well-known vibrato.

The popular TV series is not live, so she can have more time to do a concert, and do other activities.

Jessica Sanchez could also win an acting award for TV, and may also pave the way for her entry to Hollywood.

Since “Glee” came first, then her fans hope that this would be more profitable for their American idol. “Miss Saigon” could still be considered though.

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