Jessica Sanchez and‘s New Song Video “Jump In” Going Viral

Jessica Sanchez and ‘s new YouTube song video “Jump In”  is set to go viral, as more fans become ‘aware’ of its existence.

The video was uploaded last October 19, 2012 by jumpintochange, and has already 55,405 hits, to date.

Jessica Sanchez and
Image Credit: Screen grab from jumpintochange/YouTube

Jessica Sanchez is the American Idol season 11’s runner-up, while is Allan Pineda Lindo Jr., a member of the famous group, The Black Eyed Peas.

Both Jessica Sanchez and are of Filipino descent, and in the video, rapped some Tagalog lines; lyrics courtesy of, Jimmo Garcia, and Donna Dimayuga.

“Jump in, jump in sabay-sabay.

Up in the sky, taas kamay.

Walang kasing taas-taas.

Walang kasing lakas-lakas.

So take the leap and jump with us.

Take this trip, come ride with us

It’s your time, don’t hesitate

It’s your life, it can be great”

The ‘Jump In” video has a distinctive universal appeal because of its vibrant and catchy melody and inspiring message:

“Don’t waste your time, your time. Just live your life, your life.”

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