Jessica Sanchez, American Idol 2012 Winner? Will She Break the 4-Year-No-Female-Winner Record?

Jessica Sanchez
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Will Jessica Sanchez break the 4-year-no-female-winner record at American Idol 2012? If the number of views of her YouTube videos and the number of followers she has online are indications, then she would certainly win.

The American Idol Reality TV Show has 4 successive male winners for the past  years namely:

Season 10Scotty McCreery

Season 9Lee Dewyze

Season 8Kris Allen

Season 7David Cook

These winning votes are reportedly credited to “Girls’ Power votes,” meaning- girls voting for that “cute” and good looking guy who knows how to sing. Of course, these winners gave convincing performances, but there were female contestants who were equally talented as well.

So, will Jessica Sanchez give America its female winner after 4 years? This question would be answered as the Top 2 American Idol contestants are announced on May 17, 2012, after the Top 3, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips perform their songs.

It would be a tough job selecting the Top 2 for American Idol 2012 judges; Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

These Top 2 American Idol contenders will then out-perform each other on the Grand Finale of American Idol 2012 on Tuesday, May 22. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 on the American Idol results show at the Nokia Live Theatre.

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez, American Idol 2012 Winner? Will She Break the 4-Year-No-Female-Winner Record?”

  1. I afraid I have to agreed with the comments for the past 4 seasons’ winner of American Idol were resulted mostly from “Girl Voting Power’ although I have to admit that the past 4 male winners were of good personality vocal and outstanding stage performance which won them the votes too! And that’s sounded unfair for the female contestants whom are currently and were showning same standard of outstanding vocals and performances. Does that means we “Girls” are much more paying attention to such programme than guys ? I sincerely hope that we as woman, should be paying same standard of view when juding one’s ability to be the winner of such competition irrespective of its gender!
    Suprisingly to me, in this 21st century so-called “IT Generation”, the very old standard practise of “male” attract more than attention from “girls” still exist globally although woman have been keep on fighting for their rights in all issues globally!
    Hei, all female voters, be fair too to our “Girl” contestant – Jessica Sanchez!
    I agreed that Joshua is good especially in performing gospel music and i like him too. Like the judges said – this year it is tough to choose the winner in view of all the top 3 are absolutely brilliant! It is depends on their choice of song and
    their performance that day which makes them the most unbeatable one!!
    But can we ask we for more ‘Girl” votes to be fairer and can we pray for more “Male’ voters ? I don’t mean male definately votes for female at least it should be a fairer game for both gender cos all three are damn good to me!
    I like Jessica too cos at her age of 16, although part of her songs singing on stage were much more mature than her age, yet she has been absolutely outstanding and she definately reserve the opportunity for “girl” votes to stand behind her !!


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