Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Will.I.Am, Judges for American Idol Season 13?

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and are reportedly the new Judges for American Idol Season 13. The various reports are not confirmed yet, as of this moment.

If Jennifer Lopez returns, it would be good for the panel because JLo has been a previous judge for two seasons and this could help a lot in rendering judgment to the American Idol contestants. Her self-confident aura is inspiring and motivating, which could prod the contestants to give their best.

Jennifer Lopez

Keith Urban is also a returning judge from last season. He was the stabilizing ‘factor’ on season 12 when the two female judges, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, had their little ‘fights.’ He is also a great singer that makes him a true mentor., on the other hand, is a seasoned performer being a member of the internationally famous band, Black Eyed Peas. With his experience and expertise, he could share some of these with the American Idol 2014 contenders.

Would this panel of judges finally push through?

Check back later for updates on the American Idol 2014 reality singing competition.

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