Janice Javier’s Awesome Performance Has Wowed the Voice of the Philippines’ Coaches, as She Earned a Standing Ovation

MANILA, PhilippinesJanice Javier’s performance of “Natural Woman” has turned all the chairs of the Voice of the Philippines’ coaches, namely; Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Manalac, Lea Salonga and Apl.de.Ap. They gave Janice a standing ovation.

The 4 coaches were visibly impressed. First to press the button was Apl.de.Ap, then Bamboo, Lea and then Sarah. All of them declared: “I want you.”

Janice Javier disclosed that his musical influence was her dad, and she has been singing with a band in Bangkok. She is also a 3rd generation progeny of the popular local band in the 1970s and 1980s, The Hotdogs.

Janice Javier, Image credit: The Voice PH

Coach Sarah stated:

“You sound like a black woman. Wala na akong kelangan pong ituro sa inyo.” (I don’t need to teach you anything.)

Bamboo said:

“You’re the real deal. You are the reason why I am on this show. Sa akin ka, di ka na babalik sa Bangkok. You belong here in my team.”

Apl.de.Ap disclosed that:

“That’s a slam dunk, right now. We got a lot to do, not with singing but to get you internationally known.” “…I know a lot of people. We could do a lot together.”

Lea, in turn, revealed:

“You made so happy just now. You blew me away. Your performance there was just perfection.”

“I would not change anything about you, but I think we have a lot to learn about this international thing.”

Apparently, Janice Javier had a difficult time selecting because all of the coaches tried hard to get her into their teams.

I buzzed first,” Apl.de.Ap reminded her. In the end, Janice Javier chose Team Apl.de.Ap.

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