Interesting Tweets between American Idol 2012 Hopefuls Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon and the Rest of the Idols after Colton’s Elimination

Interesting tweets between American Idol 2012 hopefuls Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh and Jennifer Lopez, after Colton was voted off, reflect the friendship formed among these American Idol “family” members.

Colton replied to Jennifer Lopez’s encouraging tweet with:

@JLo gonna miss you! Thanks for everything!”

It was Colton also who gave Jessica Sanchez a tight hug when she was almost eliminated from the Top 7 American Idol list.

When Colton Dixon was voted off, Phillip Phillips was apparently shocked and unhappy, likewise with Hollie, who could not control her tears. Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez were equally teary eyed. Although they should be there to “beat” each other – because it was a contest – no one was actually glad with Colton’s elimination.

After the show, encouraging and supportive tweets continued to be exchanged between the American Idol contestants. All of them are excited about their up coming American Idol tour.

Jessica Sanchez tweeted about being proud of where she came from, and then tweeted also Colton Dixon.

Here’s Colton’s short but sweet reply to Jessica’s tweet:

And one from Phillip Phillips:

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