Indian, Shubha Vedula, Wows American Idol Judge Mariah Carey with “When You Believe”

Indian descent, Shubha Vedula, 17, wows American Idol Judge Mariah Carey with “When You Believe” during the solo performance in Hollywood, to move on to the Top 20 girls.

The classic was originally sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Mariah was impressed with Shubha Vedula’s rendition of the song.

“That was a nice moment, for me personally, so thank you for singing the song.”

Randy Jackson could not help but say “Wow!”

Shubha Vedula, Image credit: American Idol

Shubha Vedula is from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and is originally from India, but grew up in the US. She sang another Mariah Carey hit “Hero” during the Queen Mary audition and nailed the song as well.

Her American Idol favorites are Adam Lambert and tweeted, she loved Jessica Sanchez;

@JessicaESanchez yay!! thank you! I love her!”

Shubha has only 599 followers on Twitter, to date, but watch her followers grow in leaps and bounds, as more people discover her amazing talent on American Idol. She said she wanted to be unique and that she should pick the right songs because it is one of the important choices she has to make, if she wanted to win.

She is a stunning beauty at age 17, with an extraordinary voice texture and pitch control that even the ultimate Divas, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, find hard to ignore.

Other contestants who are early favorites are: Lazaro Arbos, Bryant Tadeo, Charlie Askew, and Juliana Chahayed.  The next phase would be the selection of the next Top 24 contestants, who would be performing in the live shows.

Image credit: Shubha Vedula/Twitter

Would Shubha Vedula proceed to the live shows?  Would Shubha Vedula be the next American Idol for 2013? Check back her progress as she journeys on season 12 for her rare shot at stardom.

Shubha Vedula and Juliana Chahayed

Video credit: AmericanIdol /YouTube

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