Grown-Ups 2, Despicable Me, Pacific Rim are Weekend Treats for Moviegoers

Grown-Ups 2”, “Despicable Me” and “Pacific Rim” are weekend treats for moviegoers. Reportedly, the three films are neck and neck at the Box Office.

Grown-Ups 2”, starring Adam Sandler, had a ‘bad’ review by most critics (5% rating only at Rotten Tomatoes) but it seems this had triggered the curiosity of some moviegoers, and so the expected turn out of audience. Humor has still that undeniable appeal to people; majority of audience just wanted to relax and laugh on a weekend.


Grown Ups 2, Image credit: Hollywood Streams


Meanwhile, “Despicable Me” has still stayed as a front-runner, perhaps, through personal recommendations from those who have watched the film already.

For  “Pacific Rim”, it offers a cinematic
appeal because of Guillermo del Toro’s presence. He is known for his good films, and so everyone wanted to watch another of his pet projects.

Take your pick, “Grown-Ups 2”, “Despicable Me” or “Pacific Rim”? If you cannot decide, then watch all three.

Grown-Ups 2 Official Trailer

Video credit: hollywoodstreams/YouTube

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