Glee’s Season 4: Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) Excited about It

Glee Season 4 will have the seniors graduate and move on to new endeavors as Glee’s Season 3 featured Rachel and her group graduating, while Brittany stayed behind to repeat fourth year.

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry, has been loved and sometimes “hated” by Glee fans, but the New Yorker, has been one of the major reasons why fans keep going back to Glee.

Lea Michelle’s popularity has reached its peak too because of Glee. She is popularly known as Rachel, the leading star of Glee.

She acted in various stage plays and won awards as well. In 2010, she made it to the Sexiest Women List.

Reportedly, Glee’s fourth season will even be more exciting as Lea Michele’s role, and the rest of the cast stay and develop too in the musical drama’s fourth season.

What would happen to Rachel and the rest of the group? That would be a thrilling ride on Glee’s next season 4.

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