“Game of Thrones” Season 3: Is the Stage Set for More Changes from the Original George R. R. Martin’s Story?

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The “Game of Thrones” Season 2 has aired “Valar Morghulis” its season 2 finale, and there were mixed reactions from viewers. Obviously, many of those who have read George R. R. Martin’s original story observed that there were changes in some of the story line.

Viewers though, who just got ensnared recently with the gripping drama of the “Game of Thrones” were entertained and can’t wait for season 3’s arrival.

Season 2’s finale showed Tyrion Lannister’s downfall and several nerve-wracking scenes that aroused the curiosity of many viewers. Those who have read the book would presumably know what would happen next. The changes done with season 2; however, make the series now somewhat unpredictable.

One character development that was well demonstrated in the series was Princess Daenerys Targaryen’s role, played by Emilia Clarke. Her transformation from the rebellious and abused “slave” to a loving partner for Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa touched a nerve in some people’s heart.

Tyrion Lannister’s role, played by Peter Dinklage is also a fascinating portrayal to watch; how a “half-man” could gain moments of success amidst the intrigue and power that abound around him.

Peter Dinklage in real life triumphed in winning an Emmy and a Globe award for his role in the “Game of Thrones.” He has also been nominated for a few more awards.

Reportedly, more characters would be added in season 3’s “Game of Thrones” as George R. R. Martin’s 3rd novel of “A Song of Ice and Fire” would feature the first half of “A Storm of Swords.”

What would happen to Jon Snow while in the Wildlings camp? What about Arya and Sansa Stark? And the Lannisters, what’s in store for them?

Those who have not yet read the book, it is recommended that you can just “enjoy” the season 3’s “Game of Thrones” and be entertained by the revelations coming your way in season 3.

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  1. of course the story i s unpredictable / it is a television series Based on a book by a still living writer /that is hollywood/enjoy/ watch out for growing animals like the
    wolfs in season 1 -they tell how the months gone by/well in season 3 the only animals to be watched are the dragons and it will take years before they grow/ so the red lady was right on schedule when she told stannis of the long war


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