Filipina Katrina Manaog Loses to Ayoub in Grand Finals of The Voice Kids Holland 2014

Filipina-Dutch Katrina Manaog, 12, lost to Ayoub, and five other kids in The Voice Kids Holland 2014 singing competition.

Katrina Manaog, Image credit: The Voice Kids Holland

Ayoub won the competition against equally talented singers, Katrina, Stephanie, Isabel, Demi, and Nieloefaar. Ayoub was mentored by Marco Borsato, while Katrina was coached by Nick and Simon. It was the second time Ayoub joined the competition. He was unlucky the first time, but now, he is the winner of the competition.

Ayoub Winer  the Voicev kids Holland
Ayoub, Winner of the Voice Kids Holland

On the other hand, Katrina’s talent has been developed by her musical Filipino parents. For sure, she would go on honing her great voice and would be recognized further for her talent. Aside from enjoying singing, she hopes to become a doctor someday.

Katrina Manaog sang “Wrecking Ball” on the Grand Finals of The Voice Kids Holland 2014. Watch video below.

Katrina Manaog singing “Wrecking Ball”

Video credit: The Voice Kids/YouTube

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