Filipina Adriana Latonio’s Sudden Death Performance Earns Standing Ovation from American Idol 2013 Judges

Filipino-American Adriana Latonio’s Sudden Death Performance earns a standing ovation from American Idol 2013 judges, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj, and from the audience.

Adriana Latonio is 17, and lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She sang “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul.”

Adriana Latonio, Image credit: American Idol

She sang the song so beautifully that the judges could not help but laud her sterling performance of the challenging song by the Queen of Soul. Her vibrato was noticed by expert American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

Here are the American Idol Season 12 judges’ reactions to her performance.

Keith Urban:

“Adriana, now the night started…Your emotions and everything completely belied your age…and I feel like your channeling all the emotions that the song requires… It is really hard not to react because it was so damn good.”

Nicki Minaj:

“Are you Filipino?”

Adriana Latonio replied:

“Yes, Madam.”

“Little, tiny thing, but commands the stage from the second she walks out. There is no fear…I did not see one ounce of fear in you….apart from the vocal being great…I think you’re poised and ready.  I feel like you’ve always been doing this, so congratulations little lady bug.”

Randy Jackson:

“This girl is born to do it…this girl’s a pro… I loved it, loved it.”

Mariah Carey:

“It went really well. I was really proud of you…that’s Aretha Franklin…I really love how you came through with your version of the song, really nice. A+.”

Next week, on February 27 and 28, 2013, the next 10 contestants would be selected to complete the Top 20 contenders for the live shows.

Two more Filipinos are in the Top 40, Bryant Tadeo and Jett Hermano. Would the Fil-Am community support these contestants?

This would become apparent during the live public voting weeks on American Idol 2013.

Adriana Latonio

Video credit: AmericanIdol /YouTube

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