Devin Velez Voted Off American Idol March 28, 2013; Reactions of Fans

Devin Velez was voted off from the American Idol competition on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Devin Velez performed well on Wednesday, March 27, but he was not getting enough votes to send him to the next level. Idol says goodbye to Devin Velez, as Lazaro Arbos makes it through, when Devin was not saved by the judges.

We came close to predicting the contestant who would be eliminated tonight.

Devin Velez voted off
Devin Velez, Image credit: American Idol

The reaction of fans on Twitter were of disbelief and shock, because he was one of the strongest voices in the competition. He nailed every song assigned to him. Perhaps, some of his fans were unable to vote for him. He is a good person too, based on Bryant Tadeo’s, his co-contestant’s evident concern for him.

Meanwhile, Keith Urban’s solo performance was a blast with his co-American Idol judges lauding his wonderful voice and “sexiness.”

The Top 7 American Idol contestants who would pit their singing talents against each other next week are:

  • Amber Holcomb
  • Kree Harrison
  • Candice Glover
  • Janelle Arthur
  • Burnell Taylor
  • Angie Miller
  • Lazaro Arbos

American Idol Season 12 is now getting tougher and tougher as the Grand Finale is on the horizon. The results seem to concur with a female winner this season.

Who would it be?

The grand winner prediction for the American Idol season 12 is Angie Miller.

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