Derek Ramsay’s Fans, Dgirlss, Pay Tribute to their Idol in This Heartwarming Picture Video

MANILA, Philippines – Derek Ramsay’s fans, Dgirlss (@dgirlss), paid tribute to their Idol in this heartwarming picture video prepared by Kristine Cruz @imaGlobalYouth.

Contained in the video are interesting pictures of Dgirlss, from all over the world, and their Kidlat idol, Derek Ramsay.

Derek Ramsay is one of Philippines‘ most bankable male stars with a string of blockbuster movie hits behind him, having been recognized as the Box Office King in 2012.

Presently, he stars in a superhero TV series entitled “Kidlat.” He has been lauded for his down to earth attitude and his humility toward fans, in the face of all his fame and success in the entertainment industry.

Derek Ramsay and Kristine, Image credit: Kristine/Twitter

Comments from AB in USA:

“1 universe, 9 planets, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege to meet you (twice.) From those brief fan moments, I knew you were genuine. What’s a celebrity without fans? This alone separates you from the rest. Not just someone famous, but a person. You take what little time you have to reach out to your supporters and know them. I may be oceans away but I will always have your back. Truly, thank you for taking care of dgirlss.”

From Joy:

“Why I love and support Derek Ramsay? Actually no words can explain why I really like Derek. Maybe I am not much active because of my work and another reason is I’m out of d country…but inside my heart, Derek Ramsay is one of a kind…”

“He is down to earth.”

“He is not just a great actor, hunk, and idol, but he is also a good friend…”

From Anne of Pampanga:

“My #1, will support you in every single thing you do. I love you today… tomorrow, until forever.”

And lastly, from Kristine:

“My only one, you are my dream come true, and I thank God for the friendship that I have with you. You taught me to be calm and strong despite the storm. It’s not normal for me to cry to a guy or any person about how I feel, but you make me feel at home.”
“…No one and nothing can break our friendship…”

The video was a demonstration of genuine love coming from his loyal and avid fans that Derek made significant by taking time out to watch the video.

After watching, Derek Ramsay said:

Derek Ramsay ‏@IAmDerekRamsay

“Thank you so much to all the Dgirls!! The video was so touching. I’m the lucky one to have all of you in my life.”

we love you, Derek! from Kristine Cruz on Vimeo.

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