Deaf Parents Support Son, Nate Tao, in American Idol 2013 Auditions

Nate Tao has deaf parents but that didn’t stop them from supporting their son to go through with the American Idol 2013 Auditions in Oklahoma.

Nate Tao is 24 years, and is a sign language teacher from Reston, Virginia. He revealed that when he started singing his parents, “were not so receptive” this is because they could not hear him, and they were not sure whether he sucks or not. He said that if the judges would send him to Hollywood, then it would prove to his parents that he has some talent

Nate Tao, Image credit: American Idol

When he decided to audition, however, on American Idol, his father was there to support him, even if he has not heard him yet.

Nate Tao sang Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life” and the judges lauded his performance:

Mariah Carey:

“I enjoyed it. Stevie Wonders is my favorite artist. Great song and I thought you did a really nice rendition, really nice, beautiful voice.”

Nicki Minaj:

“I like your charisma. I mean, you have a really nice, unique tone for a guy.”

Randy Jackson:

“I like you too. It’s very unassuming. You walked in with your tie on. You looked like you were about to do my taxes, or something; you’re a lawyer, or a doctor or something. You’ve got a very nice voice. ”

Keith Urban:

“I like you, I like you Nate. It seems like singing is easy, as listening to it is easy, effortless, and beautiful.”

All four American Idol 2013 judges said “Yes” and had sent Nate Tao to Hollywood. Before Nate left, he taught Ryan Seacrest the sign language for “I love you” and “congratulations.” Ryan Seacrest asked the sign language of the word ‘superstar” and Nate and his father happily obliged. Nate’s father pointed at his “superstar” son.

Nate Tao, the simple, unassuming guy goes to Hollywood. Good luck Nate. Hopefully, you would equal or perform better than Heejun Han who was 9th place on the American Idol Season 11 competitions.

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