Daniel Padilla Would Be the Next Phenomenal Star in the Making, If He Remains Humble

MANILA, Philippines – Daniel Padilla would be the next Phenomenal Star in the making, if he remains humble, and does not allow success go to his head. He has an upcoming solo concert on April 30, 2013 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum; he just released his album, which would surely become a platinum record.

Previously, his movie with Kathryn Bernardo had gross more than what was expected from a teen star. His rise to stardom can be called a phenomenon because of how fast he has turned into the Crush ng Bayan” star, the Most Promising Star, and now a recording artist with a gold or platinum recognition, eventually. What more could he wish for at his young age?

Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla, Image credit: Segrid Yan

Daniel Padilla’s achievements are impressive for a teen of his age, and he would continue to succeed if he does not allow success to go to his head and let his two feet firmly planted on the ground.

Because of their youth, some teen stars get drunk with success and refuse to acknowledge the precious advice or examples of older people who know a thing or two about the entertainment business because of experience.

Hopefully, Daniel would respect all the older persons in showbiz because he could glean tons of good information from them. He should know how to acknowledge that his experience is so little compared to these older stars in show business.

If Daniel Padilla would be humble to acknowledge and respect these older persons in the business and learn not to allow his head to grow big that not any hat could fit, then he would be the Phenomenal Star of tomorrow. His fans would support him all the way, and could learn from his humility.

Good luck Daniel Padilla. May you remain humble, kindhearted, and a God-fearing person. Surely, you would become the Phenomenal Star of entertainment in the future.

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