Daniel Padilla Updates: Pictures with Kathryn Bernardo MMFF’s “Sisterakas” and Parking Five (P5) Band Updates

Fans took a field day capturing Daniel Padilla’s pictures with Kathryn Bernardo during the MMFF parade with Daniel’s entry, “Sisterakas” last Thursday, December 27, 2012.

“Sisterakas”earned the highest Box Office returns more than any other MMFF movie opening – ever, with around P40.7 million.

Below are some Daniel Padilla’s pictures with Kathryn Bernardo, courtesy of Segrid Yan, @asdfgMsSMILE.

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, Image credit: Segrid Yan
daniel padilla
Daniel Padilla, Image credit: Segrid Yan
Kathryn Bernardo
Kathryn Bernardo, Image credit: Segrid Yan

Meanwhile, Daniel Padilla, apparently, has plans of going more active with his band, Parking Five (P5).  Recently, he requested his fans to make Parking Five’s Twitter page followers to 10,000, and the targeted number was achieved in no time at all.

Parking Five’s Twitter account has now 10,052 followers to date. Daniel Padilla, himself, has 1,008,298 followers with the number increasing daily.

For this, P5 thanked their fans:

Parking Five@TheP5Universe

“Thank you so much everyone!! Parking Five loves you!!! <3”

The P5 members with their Twitter handles are:

1. Daniel Padilla @imdanielpadilla

2. Lester Giri @imlestergiri

3. Katsumi Kabe @Itsmekatsumi

4. Hugh Seth Gothico @TheBlackSantaaa

5. Kevin Padilla @KevinPadillaFTW.

On his official Twitter account, Daniel Padilla says:

“I need to be myself I can’t be no one else.”

Maintaining the P5 band may be one of his methods to be himself. With “SisterakasBox Office success in the MMFF, Daniel Padilla’s career seems unstoppable. The teen heartthrob and “Crush ng Bayan” would surely do more movies with screen partner Kathryn Bernardo, and with other young actresses eventually.

With the correct movie project, he could be the next male bankable star in Philippine entertainment for 2013.

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