Comments and Reactions of American Idol Judges 2012 to Hollie Cavanagh Being Voted Off: Hollie Was All Smiles, while Joshua Cried

Hollie Cavanagh, smiling after elimination
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The comments and reactions of the American Idol Judges 2012 to Hollie Cavanagh being voted out were the same. They all gave her words of advice.

Hollie was all smiles, while Joshua allegedly cried for his best friend. Hollie was eliminated on May 10, during the Top 4 American Idol Results Show.

Unlike the previous American Idol 2012 results show, when she was in tears, Hollie was all smiles.

When asked by Jennifer how she was feeling, Hollie answered happily:

“Yeah, I’m okay… I mean Top 4 from last year. I’m good.”

Hollie was an American Idol season 10 contender too, but didn’t make it to Top 24, like she did in this season.

Jennifer Lopez gave Hollie some words of wisdom:

“Whatever you do when you go out there, remember, it’s about the songs that you choose. Even just like here in the show. It’s about hit records. If you don’t like it immediately the first time you hear it, like if somebody sang it and you would love it…”

Jennifer indicated to Hollie that song choice is crucial for her song’s success.

Hollie Cavanagh with Randy, Jennifer & Steven
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Randy Jackson had his own farewell words as well:

“Congratulations! You’re so sweet, your talent and your attitude is what this show is all about”

Then talking to his fellow judges, he said:

”How lucky are we, she sang journey…I love that song. That song you sang is a great song for you.”

Steven added:

“You should be so proud.”

Hollie‘s best friend Joshua Ledet was crying when she sang her last song “Climb.” Joshua and Hollie had apparently cultivated a good friendship during their journey to stardom via American Idol season 11.

Hollie Cavanagh is an admirable person for the way she handled herself during the competition even when the American Idol judges were critical of some of her performances.

She took the American Idol 2012 judges’ comments positively, as they were meant to be, and used them to develop herself into a premier singer that she is now.

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