Cody Simpson to Take Over Justin Bieber as Teen Sensation?

Cody Simpson, the 16-year old pop singer from Australia is a plausible candidate to take over Justin Bieber as teen world sensation? He was discovered through YouTube too by Shawn Campbell. Although, he opened for Justin Bieber, he might as well be at par with him.

Cody is hot and equally talented as Justin and has just recently won in Australia as the Favorite Homegrown Act at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2013. In 2010, he also voted as Top Country Pop Singer at the MNET Asean in Singapore.

Cody Simpson, Image credit:


He has a pending nomination this 2013 as Best Male Artist, Fiercest Fans, and Best Crush Song for the Radio Disney Music Awards.

Cody Simpson is also a genuine musician, having composed his first song at age 5, and is writing a book now. Talk about starting it early. Incidentally, he is also a good swimmer, having won gold medals in Queensland.

In an interview with Huffington, Cody revealed the perfect girl for him.

“She is someone honest and someone I can trust.”

Cody Simpson’s advice for aspiring, new artists like himself.

“Be yourself and believe in your ability…work hard at it and take all opportunity that comes to you.”

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