Clifton Duffin, American Idol Chicago Contestant, Made Judges Cry

Clifton Duffin, an American Idol Chicago Contestant has made some of the judges cry when he sang “Superstar” during his audition that was aired last week, January 17, 2003.

Clifton Duffin, 22, is from Country Club Hills, Illinois. Mariah Carey and Keith Urban tried to control their emotions as tears welled up in their eyes with Clifton’s amazing performance of the song, “Superstar.”

Clifton Duffin American Idol 2013
Clifton Duffin, Image credit: American Idol 2013

Nobody knows that Clifton could sing, not even his parents, so when they heard him singing with a beautiful voice, they also cried with joy.

Nicki Minaj stated that:

“I thought you did a really really, great job.” She went on to say that he has inspired everyone with his story.

Mariah Carey, who was visibly touched, said:

“I loved it, I loved it…and I really enjoy your journey, cause I can relate to it… it really hit my heart in real way.” Mariah went on to say that she went through the same experience before.

Keith Urban also praised the contestant saying.

“It was beautiful. You’ve got real talent.”

Randy Jackson also said yes to Clifton Duffin’s performance, so Clifton would be going to Hollywood to pursue his chance to have a shot at the title of American Idol 2013 winner for season 12.

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