Claude Dee, Lucky Fan, Got to Pose with the Lovebirds, Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick

Claude Dee, a lucky fan, got to pose with the lovebirds, Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick when he met them on the American Idol live tour.

Jessica and DeAndre had been working together since the Hollywood rounds of American Idol 2012, and were even grouped together. They were both lucky to have been included in the Top 24, and then in the Top 10, with DeAndre being eliminated at Top 8, and Jessica ending up as the runner-up, to winner, Phillip Phillips.

Their relationship blossomed gradually but surely; from being best friends, to being boyfriend and girlfriend. This fact they had freely confirmed on Twitter.

Going back to Claude Dee;  he is a self-confessed Jessica fan, who have had the golden chance to pose with his idols. He shared the beautiful pic on Twitter, saying:

Claude Dee, DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: Claude Dee

“With the lovebirds! Seems legit! 🙂 @JSanchezAI11 @BrackensickAI11

He has also some interesting observations about the American Idol 2012 finalists’ performances:

“Best performance – Jessica (How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore) & Joshua Ledet (It’s a Man’s World) Worst – Hee Jun (Green Light)”

“Phillip Phillips! He definitely won Idol. No doubt. Crowd loves him! From tween girls to cougars to old people!”

“The concert was worth it! This wasn’t the best season of Idol, but it was one of my favorites!”

“Hollie improved a lot. Colton was mesmerizing. Elise was full of passion and emotion. Skylar was too nasal, but she’s a performer on stage. Joshua Ledet was the only person who gave me goosebumps. I am now a fan. Erika Van Pelt was stunning and her voice is beautiful.”

“Deandre was the hard worker. I love his moves and he was such an amazing background singer!”

“Phillip Phillips, the usual, “let’s chill bro” set, but his charm was undeniable. Crowd loves him. HeeJun had too much energy! Entertaining!”

“Jessica Sanchez… Ah, what can I say? I love her! The voice, the poise, the sincerity, and everything! That is all!”

Claude Dee and Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: Claude Dee

Claude Dee was ecstatic that he finally met his American Idol, Jessica Sanchez; and surprise of surprises, even after the tour, Jessica Sanchez remembered him. She tweeted him this cool message:

Jessica Sanchez@JSanchezAI11

@ClaudeDee Hey love!! Nice to meet you last night 🙂 you were a blast!”

Claude Dee happily tweeted this to his followers:

“Wala naaa! Di ko na kaya. 🙂 a photo w/ The @JSanchezAI11 + a tweet mention from her. What more could you ask for?”

How lucky can one get? Ask Claude Dee.

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