Candice Glover Wins American Idol 2013; Kree Harrison is Runner-up

Candice Glover won the American Idol 2013 singing competition, while Kree Harrison was runner-up. The two talented singers pitted their vocals against each other yesterday, Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

Candice sang “I Who Have Nothing,” “I Am Beautiful” and “Chasing Pavements,” while Kree Harrison performed “Up To the Mountain,” “All Cried Out” and “Angel.” The songs were from the choices of Simon Fuller, their favorite past song (reprisal) and their original or coronation song.

Candice Glover
Candice Glover, Image credit: American Idol

Even during auditions, Candice was a standout among the contestants. She, however, was at the bottom 2 once in the competition. Angie Miller was the public’s favorite up to last week, when she was shockingly eliminated.

Both their performances have earned standing ovations from the judges, and Kree’s confidence had blossomed overnight in the way she swaggered and sang. She had clearly proven herself to be worthy in being one of the Top 2 finalists.

American Idol Judge Mariah Carey lauded Kree Harrison’s performance:

“I loved you on both performances. You gave subtleties in the last performance and you gave power now.”

Keith Urban tweeted:

“Well America…. what cha say???? Tomorrow night the confetti falls on…….. ??”

The three American Idol judges, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj performed on the last show of the season, demonstrating their talents and why they were selected as judges. They, however, are rumored not to return next season.

Everyone was excited. As the confetti rained on Candice Glover, she was in tears, perhaps remembering how almost a year ago, she went home teary-eyed when she was eliminated during Hollywood Week of Season 11.

Now, Candice Glover is proclaimed the winner of Season 12 of the American Idol 2013 contest. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Congratulations, Candice!

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