Burnell Taylor Made Mariah Carey Cry, Earned a Standing Ovation from the American Idol Judges

Burnell Taylor, 19, from New Orleans, LA, made Mariah Carey cry and earned a standing ovation from the American Idol 2013 judges.

Burnell’s grandfather was the lead in his band, and his mother was a singer. As a kid, he was part of this musical family.

Mariah Carey’s reaction:

“Burnell made me cry. Burnell’s tone is ridiculous. I love it. I felt every single word you sang, just spectacular.”

Nicki Minaj:

“That is what we came for. I felt like we’ve been flying all around this country for that. That thing that could not be even put into words. That thing that gives everybody goose bumps. That wasn’t even an audition. That was entertainment for us. While everybody auditioned, you just entertained us.”

Burnell Taylor, Image credit: American Idol

Randy Jackson:

“Amazing voice, amazing voice.”

Keith Urban:

“Somewhere there’s a spotlight right now just waiting for you to walk in to it. That was a killer voice”

Burnell Taylor

Video credit: AmericanIdol/YouTube

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