Bottom 3 Predictions for April 18 Top 7 Redux Performance American Idol 2012, Based on Judges’ Comments, Joshua Got 2 Standing Ovations (Video)

Joshua Ledet
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The American Idol 2012 Predictions for Bottom 3 for the April 18 Performance, are Colton Dixon, Elise Testone, and Jennifer Sanchez. This is based on the idol contestants who got some “constructive criticisms” from the judges during the Top 7 performance of the “Now and Then” songs.

Hollie Cavanagh, who has been given criticisms the past few weeks, was spared by Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Steven said: “It was perfect!”

Jennifer exclaimed: “I’m so happy for you.”

Jackson: “You have arrived… Hollie very well done.”

Joshua Ledet earned two standing ovations for his “Now and Then” songs. “I Believe,” Fantasia‘s coronation song and “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.

The AI 2012 judges were “amazed” with Joshua’s performance, with Randy stating that he was one of the gifted singers in the competition.

Jennifer said: “Every time you come out there, you give everything. It’s amazing.”

Steven added: “You could sing a phonebook.”

Phillip Phillips earned one standing ovation as well, with Randy affirming that Phillip was a true artist because he doesn’t listen to anybody and does his own thing. Even his second song was well applauded by the American Idol judges.

For Colton Dixon, although his first song earned praises from the AI judges like they were “watching a Colton concert; his second song was allegedly not the perfect song for him.

Colton Dixon however, remains to be leading at Facebook and Twitter with regards to followers and likes, so he could still be saved from the bottom 3 by his avid followers. Colton and Phillip are the only two AI contenders that were never ranked at the bottom 3 of the American Idol 2012 competition.

Jessica Sanchez got raves too from the three judges but no standing ovation. Jennifer said she was glad they had the save and that they used it on her last week when she got the least votes and celebrities reacted to the “shocking” results. Randy expressed his wish for Jessica: “I hope America shows up and votes for you this week,”

Skylar Laine wowed the judges too. They agreed that the songs were perfect for her and that they love her version. Steven concluded that Skylar would “give the other girls a run for their money.”

Elise Testone was one of the AI Top 7 hopefuls who got a constructive criticism from the judges. Randy and Steven concurred that the song was not right for her. Jennifer told her to connect more with the audience, give herself time ‘to marinate,” as Randy and Steven put it.

Based on some American Idol independent polls conducted by websites, the popularity of the AI contenders on Facebook and Twitter, and the judges’ comments, the American Idol 2012 contestant who could be eliminated on April 19  Results Show, would most probably be Elise Testone.

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Below is the YouTube video of Joshua Ledet with one of his songs.

Joshua Ledet with “I Believe”

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