Bottom 2 Predictions: X Factor Philippines Results Show, September 30, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – The Bottom 2 Prediction for X Factor Philippines this Sunday, September 30, 2012, (local time) is somewhat difficult to do because the Top 4 finalists are all superb singers in their own right.

The X Factor Philippines Results Show, however, has to go on, and a contestant must be voted out. Who goes home tonight? Who would be eliminated?

The X Factor Philippines Results Show has been unpredictable, with contestants who were expected to stay, have been sent home. This usually happened when “deadlocks” occur among the X Factor judges’ votes, and the decision has to be solely based on online votes. The elimination of AKA JAM and Jeric Medina are examples of these unfortunate scenarios.

Predictions, hence, are not based on any scientific data or performances because the contestant’s performance does not usually influence the votes. This observation is based on past results.

After their performances on September 29, the remaining Top 4 contestants, together with their mentors, are:

Daddy’s HomeGary Valenciano

KZ TandinganCharice

Gabriel MaturanMartin Nievera

Allen Sta. MariaCharice

The Bottom 2 predictions are Gabriel Maturan and Allen Sta. Maria. These two young people have distinctive, astounding voices that make them identifiable among other singers, but this is also true with Daddy’s Home and KZ Tandingan.

The X Factor Philippines’ contestant predicted to go home tonight is Allen Sta. Maria.

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