Arnel Pineda Updates: International Rock Star’s Baby, Thea Chenelle, Celebrates Her First Birthday

MANILA, PhilippinesArnel Pineda, the Pinoy International Rock Star has numerous things to be thankful for. One is that his youngest child with wife, Cherry, baby Thea Chenelle celebrated her 1st birthday this Saturday, June 15, 2013. This was revealed by Arnel Pineda’s official website,

Journey’s front man has always expressed his devotion for his family in his interviews. Even in his official Twitter account, he tagged himself as a family man. He also cooks for his family during his free days; an international icon doing housework is rarely heard of. Arnel readily confessed that he had learned from his ‘mistakes’.

Thea Chenelle Pineda
Thea Chenelle, Image credit: @arnelpineda/Twitter

He came fresh from a successful UK 2013 tour and would be returning June 28 for Journey’s US tour. His fairytale rise to fame from YouTube ( a singer in a smoky bar) to become the lead vocals of one of the most legendary American rock bands still inspires millions of viewers around the world that they could also succeed as long as they “Don’t Stop Believin.”

Neal Schon, Journey’s lead guitarist and Arnel Pineda’s discoverer, was one of Thea’s God fathers during her christening last 2012.

Reportedly, a biopic is one of Arnel’s plans; a documentary entitled: “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” has already been shown in the US featuring Arnel’s awesome story of how Journey discovered him. When asked who would portray his wife, Arnel had stated that Christine Reyes would be perfect because his wife is a dead-ringer for the popular actress.

Arnel Pineda has an older son, named Cherub, who may one day follow his dad’s footsteps. Already the kid could rock the song “Alone.” The rock star had oftentimes expressed how delighted he was whenever he comes home to his family in the Philippines, and Thea is the apple of his eye right now.

The international rock star continues to rock the world with his powerful vocals and engaging music. The next performances for Journey would be in Hollywood, FL and in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the Frontier Days.

Thea Chenelle Birthday, Image credit:

Below is the YouTube video prepared by Arnel Pineda’s family and friends for Thea Chenelle’s birthday.

Baby Thea Chenelle Pineda’s Birthday

Video credit: Arnel Pineda/YouTube

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