America’s Got Talent Contestant, Skilyr Hicks, Gets to Perform On Stage in Her Own Live Stream Concert July 22, An Unprecedented Event

Skilyr Hicks is to perform on stage this Sunday, July 22, 2013.

Entitled: “A Live Stream with Skilyr Hicks”, this mini-concert of the America’s Got Talent contestant would further demonstrate the inherent skills of this 14 year old singer-songwriter.

The performance would start 9:00 EDT, and is presented by Downstairs Live.

During the audition on America’s Got Talent, Skilyr blew the judges away with her soulful rendition of “Brand New Day”, which she has dedicated to her late father.


Skilyr Hicks live stream
Skilyr Hicks live stream, Image credit: Skilyr/FB


She was given a standing ovation by the audience, and her original song was heard on the radio the day after. Now, she has her own concert, even before the culmination of the contest. It is an unprecedented feat for an auditioning AGT contestant.

On her Facebook wall, she posted:

“Hope y’all will be able to watch…because this one’s for you! Please share with your friends. Thank you & God Bless ♥”

Skilyr Hicks live stream

With Skilyr Hicks’ powerful voice and incredible songwriting skills, she would go places indeed.

ERRATUM: Skilyr Hicks announced the correction to the final date of her LIVE STREAM performance, it should be Monday, July 22, 2013, at 9 p.m.

Skilyr Hicks live stream-correction

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