American Idol Updates: Ethan Harris, Spencer Lloyd and Briana Oakley, Predicted to Be in Top 12 of American Idol

Ethan Harris, Spencer Lloyd and Briana Oakley, are predicted to be in Top 12 of the American Idol reality singing competition.

This is because the three have what it takes to be the next American Idol Season 13. Spencer Lloyd has ‘killer’ looks that could melt anyone’s heart. Likewise, with Ethan Harris and Briana Oakley.

Image credit: America Idol

Briana has a wholesome personality that fans would adore, aside from her stunning looks. Ethan and Harris are WGWGs (White guys with Guitars,) and their win would return to show being dominated by men.

Other predicted strong contenders are;

  • ·         Marrialle Sellers
  • ·         Austin Wolfe
  • ·         Sam Woolf

Check back later for updates and the American Idol Season 13 Live Shows.

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