American Idol 2013 Results: Top 5 Contestants Impress with Donna Summer Medley; Clay Aiken Nails “Bridge Over Troubled Water

On the American Idol 2013 Results Show, the Top 5 Contestants impressed the audience with a Donna Summer Medley, and Clay Aiken and Fantasia perform on April 18, 2013 edition of the show.

While Twitter is abuzz about Nicki Minaj’s thong being seen on nationwide TV, the Top 5 American Idol ‘Divas’ namely, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller got another standing ovation from the judges.

american idol logo
American Idol logo, Image credit: American Idol

Clay Aiken sang his most applauded song and one of his finale songs “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Clay Aiken ended up as the American Idol runner-up for Season 2. Fantasia sang “Lose to Win.

Check back later for updates on the American Idol 2013 Results Show. The update is that Janelle Arthur was eliminated.

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