American Idol Live Tour 2012 Update: Heejun Han, Erika Van Pelt Tour Glozell Inside the American Idol Live Tour Bus (Video)

Heejun Han
Image Credit: Heejun Han

Heejun Han, Top 9 American Idol 2012 finalist, and Erika Van Pelt, Top 10 American Idol finalist gave Glozell a tour of the American Idol Live Tour Bus.

Heejun, with his usual funny man character, showed Glozell where the American Idols usually hanged out after a grueling but enjoyable performance.

Erika Van Pelt also helped in touring Glozell around the bus, informing her that they were not allowed to drink the water in the faucet because

“…the water inside the bus gets recycled.”

Below is the YouTube video, courtesy of Channel19Network, of Heejun Han and Erika Van Pelt giving Glozell a bus tour.

Heejun, Erika with Glozell

Video credit: Christina Grimmie/Channel19Network/YouTube

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