American Idol, Heejun Han, Speaks Tagalog to His Filipino Fans

Heejun and Jessica
Image Credit: Heejun Han

American Idol, Heejun Han, spoke Tagalog to his Filipino fans via Twitter, and his fans loved it.

Heejun played pranks reportedly on the two…lovebirds Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick. He..said the following via his official Twitter account:

Heejun Han@HHanAI11

17 more shows to go, 17 more cities to visit, 17 more stages to stand, and 17 more place to worship

Heejun Han@HHanAI11

Kita kits tayo lahat sa Pinas! Sa sept 21:)

(Let’s meet up in the Philippines on September 21)

Heejun Han@HHanAI11

Oh yeah and MAHAL KO KAYO!!!

(Oh yeah and I love you all)

Heejun Han was Top 8 during American Idol season 11, and had been singing songs, with the likes of Richard Marx, Phil Collins, and many others.

His soft, vibrato makes one remember poignant memories in his lifetime. He is excellent also in rock and roll; and pop music.

On September 21, the Top 10 American Idol season 11 finalists will be in Manila for their live tour. The Philippines is the home country of Jessica Sanchez’s mother.

Expect Heejun Han to gain more fans with his friendly and open minded attitude, once he arrives in ‘Pinas.

Go Heejun, conquer the rest of Asia and the world.

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