American Idol Finalist, Colton Dixon, Hints of a Big Announcement Soon

Colton Dixon
Image Credit: Colton Dixon/Twitter

American Idol Finalist, Colton Dixon, hinted of a “big announcement” soon via his official Twitter account @coltondixon on August 18, 2012.

Colton tweeted:

“Just woke up. Gotta get some shopping done for a photoshoot. Whats the photoshoot for?…’ll find out soon #bigannouncement 🙂 “

Colton trended too at Twitter and he thanked his fans or “messengers” for it.

“Thanks for the trend today too! Haha….you only think you know the big news;-)….just wait. It’ll be a week or so..”

Apparently, his fans are excited about it, and are dying to know what it is. It might be a new record of his original songs?

Colton was given the chance to sing one of his original compositions during the American Idol 2012 Live Tour, and the audience loved his music. His soulful rendition of the “Piano Man” also, has been one of the favorite songs during the tour.

Colton Dixon would surely go a long way in his singing career because of his innate passion for his craft, and his unique talent.

So, Messengers, watch out for that “big announcement” from your Idol.

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