American Idol Finalist, Casey Abrams, is Homeless?

A headline on the YouTube channel reads “Casey Abrams is homeless,” and the video was uploaded by Casey himself on February 13, 2013.

The video shows Casey living on the streets with his gorilla.

Casey Abrams, 22, said in the video to Jack.

“I’m on and off. I’ve been doing shitty, men. I’ve been living on the streets. I’ve been doing crazy shit for money.”

Casey Abrams finished 6th place on American Idol Season 10, where Scotty McCreery won.

Casey Abrams, Image credit: Casey Abrams

Phillips Phillip won the title for season 11. Incidentally, Phillips Phillip’s new song “Gone, Gone, Gone” is #10 on the Triple A Chart.

Casey Abrams latest music video is “Get Out.” He asks in his video: “When will people get to notice my music?”

Indeed, when will people notice his unique brand of music? He plays the bass and the guitar, and loves jazz.

Meanwhile, American Idol’s Season 12 finalists are down to Top 40. Who would make the cut this week? Check back later for updates.

Below is the YouTube video of Casey Abrams uploaded by Casey himself:

Casey Abrams is Homeless

Video credit: Casey Abrams /YouTube

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